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dc.description.abstractTh e Equity Action Framework1 is designed to support individuals and groups that want to advance racial equity in early childhood systems. Th e goal of a racial equity approach is to develop policies, practices, and programs that provide opportunities, promote fairness and access, and remediate racial inequities. Whether working at national, state, county, or municipal levels of government, in private-public partnerships, community organizations, foundations or other entities, the Equity Action Framework provides an intentional process for examining and addressing racial equity challenges or problems that contribute to inequity. Th is process relies on identifying and engaging all stakeholders, including the intended benefi ciaries of policies, programs, and interventions. Th e Equity Action Framework also can be used to support work between early childhood leaders who want to advance racial equity across early childhood systems, such as health, mental health, early learning, child welfare, or family support.en_US
dc.titleEquity Action Frameworken_US

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