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      Addressing Health Equity Through Action on the Social Determinants of Health: A Global Review of Policy Outcome Evaluation Methods 

      Lee, Janice; Schram, Ashley; Riley, Emily; Harris, Patrick; Baum, Fran; Fisher, Matt; Freeman, Toby; Friel, Sharon (Kerman University of Medical Sciences, 2018-02-06)

      Background: Epidemiological evidence on the social determinants of health inequity is well-advanced, but considerably less attention has been given to evaluating the impact of public policies addressing those social determinants. Methodological challenges to produce evidence on policy outcomes present a significant barrier to mobilising policy actions for health equities. This review aims to examine methodological approaches to policy evaluation of health equity outcomes and identify promising approaches for future research. Methods: We conducted ...
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      City deals and health equity in Sydney, Australia 

      Harris, Patrick; Fisher, Matt; Friel, Sharon; Sainsbury, Peter; Harris, Elizabeth; De Leeuw, Evelyne; Baum, Fran (2022-01)

      City Deals’ are new governance instruments for urban development. Vast evidence exists on the relationship between urban factors and health equity, but little research applies a health equity lens to urban policy-making. This paper does precisely that for the Western Sydney City Deal (WSCD) in Australia. We conducted a critical discourse analysis of publicly available documents and interviews with the WSCD’s main architects, applying insights from relevant theories. We find ‘pro-growth’ discourse to encourage economic investment dominates any ...