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      Income Inequality in ASEAN: Perceptions on Regional Stability from Indonesia and the Philippines 

      Bock, Matthew J

      Income inequality has been a growing concern since Global Financial Crisis. But how do regional institutions contribute to the debate on income equality? ASEAN’s normative framework is underpinned by the principle of non-interference while ASEAN has a mandate to establish an equitable economic community post 2015. This study examines if regional income inequality is considered a regional problem, and if so, is the concern significant enough to overcome the principle of non-interference allowing ASEAN to play a greater role in policy formation. ...
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      Inequality in China 

      Knight, John (Oxford University Press, 2014-10-30)

      This paper provides an overview of research on income inequality in China over the period of economic reform. It presents the results of two main sources of evidence on income inequality and, assisted by various decompositions, explains the reasons income inequality has increased rapidly and the Gini coefficient is now almost 0.5. This paper evaluates the degree of income inequality from the perspectives of people’s subjective well-being and government concerns. It poses the following question: has income inequality peaked? It also discusses the ...
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      Social innovation: what it is, why it matters and how it can be accelerated 

      Mulgan, Geoff; Tucker, Simon; Ali, Rushanara; Sanders, Ben; University of Oxford; Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (Young Foundation, 2007)

      This report examines how social innovation happens in NGOs, the public sector, movements, networks and markets. It presents an analysis of the history, the theory and the process, paving a way for social innovation to play an increasingly significant role in society. Huge energies – and resources – are devoted to innovation in science and technology. But far less attention has been paid to social innovation, despite pressing needs in fields as diverse as chronic disease and climate change. This report examines the growing importance of social ...