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      Big Data and the Study of Social Inequalities in Health: Expectations and Issues 

      Cyrille Delpierre; Michelle Kelly -Irving (Frontiers in Public Health, 2018-10-26)

      Understanding the construction of the social gradient in health is a major challenge in the field of social epidemiology, a branch of epidemiology that seeks to understand how society and its different forms of organization influence health at a population level. Attempting to answer these questions involves large datasets of varied heterogeneous data suggesting that Big Data approaches could be then particularly relevant to the study of social inequalities in health. Nevertheless, real challenges have to be addressed in order to make the ...
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      Health inequalities: critical perspectives 

      Smith, Katherine E.; Bambra, Clare; Hill, Sarah E. (Oxford University Press, 2016)

      This section provides a brief summary of the main ways in which health in-equalities are conceptualized, particularly in terms of the indicators used to stratify health. It is by no means a comprehensive account but rather considers the ways in which researchers focusing on the UK have tended to conceptualize health inequalities over the past 30 years and some of the key chalenges to these approaches (critiques which are developed later in this book).
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      The equity action spectrum: taking a comprehensive approach : guidance for addressing inequities in health 

      Whitehead, Margaret; Loring, Belinda; Povall, Sue; Organisation mondiale de la santé; Bureau régional de l'Europe (World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe, 2014)

      While population health indicators have improved across Europe overall, that improvement has not been experienced equally everywhere, or by all. This is one of a series of policy briefs that describe practical actions to address health inequities, especially in relation to tobacco, alcohol, obesity and injury, the priority public health challenges facing Europe. It offers policy-makers and public health professionals the tools and guidance to implement the Health 2020 vision – the new health policy framework for Europe developed by WHO/Europe ...