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      Health and health-care systems in southeast Asia: diversity and transitions 

      Chongsuvivatwong, Virasakdi; Mui Teng, Yap; Phua, Kai Hong; Yap, Mui Teng; Pocock, Nicola S.; Hashim, Jamal H.; Chhem, Rethy; Wilopo, Siswanto Agus; Lopez, Alan D. (The Lancet, 2011-01-25)

      Southeast Asia is a region of enormous social, economic, and political diversity, both across and within countries, shaped by its history, geography, and position as a major crossroad of trade and the movement of goods and services. These factors have not only contributed to the disparate health status of the region's diverse populations, but also to the diverse nature of its health systems, which are at varying stages of evolution. Rapid but inequitable socioeconomic development, coupled with differing rates of demographic and epidemiological ...